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  • Shenzhen youze Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2008, after years of development efforts, has become one of the world‘s best electronic components supply chain, and in June 2015 in Shenzhen Qianhai Shenzhen Stock Exchange listing, the new four Board Code: 665578; in 2017 to join the German technology alliance; the EU in 2018, China Belt and Road Initiative Strategic partners!
    Service areas: The fields of automotive electronics, new energy, robotics, industrial equipment, and healthcare have their own unique advantages.
    The product line includes: embedded module, integrated circuit IC, two or three pole tube, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, tantalum capacitor, rectifier bridge, MOS tube, Schottky, fuse, TVS tube, ESD, LED and other electronic components.
    Main business agent products:
    1, TQ German cool (embedded module)
    2. TRR Ming De Microelectronics (diode, rectifier bridge, TVS)
    3, DA American electric security (fuse, TVS)
    4, LS Liansheng (aluminum electrolytic capacitor, solid capacitor)
    5, XY Zhongyuan (tantalum capacitor)
    6, IMICRO in the IC (lithium battery protection),
    7. Optoelectronic (LED‘s own factory)
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